After stints in the IT and non-profit worlds, I'm now focused on what I loved best about both of those careers: helping people accomplish their goals. My wife and I spend a lot of our free time volunteering in prison ministry and spending time with our three grown children. And if you ever need cookies, check out my side-hustle: Grandma Doug's Bakery.



How can I help you?


Ready to find your new dream home?  Let me guide you through the process. We will start with an initial consulation that will tell you what to expect. Then I want to hear from you! Tell me everything you are looking for - and those things you don't want to see. Working together, we can make this experience the best it can possibly be. 


When it's time to sell, you need a Realtor you can trust to get you the best deal possible. I will work with you to prepare your home for sale, determine the best price for the market, and negotiate the best outcome for your situation. Not ready to sell yet? Let's talk about how to prepare for your home sale that is further down the road.


Maybe buying a home isn't possible right now, and you'd like some help getting into a rental property. I can help you with that task as well! The steps will look the same as if you were buying a house. We will sit down and deterimine your needs, let you know what to expect, then find you the perfect house for your situation. 


Doug Eckert